This question is probably too late for myself, but hopefully someone else will learn from it.

Installed my first two packages today, and put the queen on the bottom of my top bar hive per things I had read. Unfortunately before install I had NOT read that the temperature needs to be (and stay) above 60 in order for this to be safe. It is not 60 here. It was in the 50s today and will drop into the mid 30s tonight. So the question I am faced with is, do I just cross my fingers and pray they somehow release her VERY quickly? Or keep her warm? Or try to go BACK into the hive and grab the queen cage to hang it. I have about one more hour of 50 degrees in order to attempt this. I did try to about half an hour ago but the bees were on the top bars and very cranky about me opening it up again so I decided I should probably not. HOWEVER if someone is like "yeah there's no way go try" I will throw the suit back on and give it a go.

Thanks for any advice.