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    Quote Originally Posted by GregV View Post
    Victim of your own success.
    Be great to have the same with the bees.
    I have 50 years experience gardening, in 3 different countries with 3 different climates and soils. I know how to garden. Bees...still a newb.

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    Default Re: bone head split so far, somebody save the day.

    Nice new comb full of honey.

    This is what is on top of my three big swarms. I am a wimp and can hardly move it to look at the box below. The shame is that I will probably leave it for the bees to eat. The bees in both hives started in mediums only have a little over three frame drawn in the second box. I doubt they get that third medium completely drawn out. The last comb they were starting on in both hives was going wonky due to the bees making small starts in several places. I had to cut and smash and stick those wonky frames in between the strait ones so they can not keep going bad. Since the box in the picture is drawn out strait, I figure the flow has slowed to just small spurts for the bees to be doing what they are doing. My other one big swarm, I may take the box cause it has a deep and two mediums on it and has more drawn in the second mediums and is only a few frames from finishing.

    I looked in the two hives that I had extracted about 60 percent of the supers on them and one is making good progress on refilling but not so much with the other one. For reference, I got a little less then 2.5 gal about a week or two ago.

    I would like to publicly thank AR1 for offering and sending me some tobacco seed.

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