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    Hey all, did an inspection of my hives the other day, and I have found I already have an abundance of hive beetles, I've done several things in the past, i.e. swifter pads, tjeu work kinda sorta, is there any sure method to get rid of these pesky bugs?

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    Doubt there's any "sure" method but my dad has had much success with oil trays (sometimes called Freeman oil trays. While my tray-less hives had a fair number of beetles, his had almost none.

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    Just did inspections and found more beetles have wintered than previous years, possibly by ten times. Most seem to be on the first outside unused frame, makes it kind of easy to kill a bunch in one place.

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    I've had pretty good luck with a combination of Freeman Bottom boards, beetle blasters, and squishing whenever I see one.

    I've got my hives in a place where they get a lot of sunlight.

    I've also learned that when you do a split, you've got to shake in a lot of bees. Few bees and only one SHB resulted in two slimed frames. I saw him go into the nuc, and was too lazy to squish. Lesson learned!
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