Effects of fungicide on bees
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    Default Effects of fungicide on bees

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    Default Re: Effects of fungicide on bees

    The guys that do almonds have known for quite a while that fungicide sprays are an issue and some are even insisting on provisions in their contracts with almond farmers that prohibit such sprays during the time the hives are in the orchards or charging extra if the farmer sprays. The best evidence is the problem is really the silicone sticker spreader used as an adjutant in such sprays as well as perhaps other formulation additives and probably the fungicide by itself is little problem.

    That really is not much of a death rate that this particular test shows. The treated groups had two to three times the deaths seen in the control group. As the death rate in the control group was quite small two to three times that small death rate is still a pretty small number and does not indicate by itself a very serious problem. If that was all you saw in the field it would probably be too small to even see in a real hive. This study also does nothing to access the impact on larva which may or may not be a lot bigger problem that what happens with adults.

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    Default Re: Effects of fungicide on bees

    There is a study in "Honey Bee Colony Health: Challenges and Sustainable Solutions" by Sammataro, Diana, Yoder, Jay A. showing the impact of fungicides on the bee bread that is pretty enlightening.
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