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    Quote Originally Posted by NaturesResonance View Post
    I never claimed I could tend to them in shorts and a T-shirt. That's just stupid! Illiterate bushmen have been tending African bees for a very long time. Besides, define "AFB" for us. Define "commercially significant" while you're at it. Did you even read the top post? Try to be a little more objective and less subjective.

    managing african bees
    You caught me, bro. I mis-typed a single letter of an acronym. The "F" should have been an "H", and as a result everything else was wrong, too. That's what I get for reading about AFB right before stumbling into your monologue.

    It take it all back. You should absolutely find as many AHB hives as you can, and work them to death*.

    * Just an expression, mind you.

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    There is exactly one thing that needs to be done with agressive bees that can not generally be worked in a tee shirt. They need to be treated with cyanide. If the owner refuses to do this the state should do it for him and if hive placement endangers the public maybe giving the owner six months in the cooler to think about it will clear his head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hillbillybees View Post
    Natures is a new beekeeper that wants to propagate AFB. He says he can train them to be gentle.
    Going to have to spend an awful lot of time training, when your critters only live for six weeks. Funny stuff. Get out there with a whip and a chair with every round of new brood hatch?
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    Was feeling a bit bad and ashamed about some of the smart-allecky posts I've made the past couple days...AND THEN I FOUND THIS THREAD.
    Haw haw haw.

    Killer toothpicks. Love it!

    Don't blame the breed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fusion_power View Post
    30+ years ago there was an effort to select mild tempered Scutellata in Africa. I've seen evidence that Africanized bees respond to selection. With time, all bees in the U.S. will exhibit some level of Africanization. Put these disparate thoughts together and the conclusion is that we will have to breed from Africanized lines and develop mild tempered bees. It will be a long term effort. I don't think NR has the know how or the gumption to do the selection and breeding work required.

    As a reminder, Steve Taber had pure Scutellata in Louisiana in the 1940's. They were not well enough adapted to handle the climate and eventually the queens were gotten rid of. Africanized bees are genetically far different from pure Scutellata in that they appear to be able to survive and thrive in more diverse climates.
    I essentially believe this. The detailed genetic work necessary to see how much infiltration hasn't happened yet. Those mitochondrial determinations can be thrown out the window.

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