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    searched the forum & found lots of discussions but did not find any photos of wax moth traps. could someone post some please? thanks

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    This may just be too easy, but assuming a beekeeper has power in their apiary, would a good old fashioned bug zapper be effective against wax moths? I realize bees are bugs too, but they typically don't fly at night. Would bees be attracted to the zapper at night? Thoughts?

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    >Would bees be attracted to the zapper at night? Thoughts?

    Yes but not many maybe one or two a night, depending on how close to the hives and if they can see the light from the entrance.

    The plastic soda bottom trap; cut a hole 2/3 up the bottle the size of a quarter, fill with banana peel, ACV, sugar and water. It will work after it ferments. Hang it from just about any where. You will catch horse flies, yellow jacket, moths and maybe some beetles.

    If won't protect a weak hive. A strong hive can easily take care of wax moths.

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    IMG_1997.jpg IMG_1996.jpg

    Using ACV with mother works out much better than using regular vinegar.

    Recipe is banana peel, 1 cup ACV, 1 cup sugar, 2 cups water.

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    I have used one of these bug zappers inside my shop. Wax moths were on the floor under the zapper every night during the summer. They are active at night. Bees rarely got into the zapper, if ever. Zombie bees may however.
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