Production Colonies in a NUC yard
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    Default Production Colonies in a NUC yard

    What drawbacks are there for having some production Colonies mixed in your out apiary or nuc yard? Thanks for feedback

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    Default Re: Production Colonies in a NUC yard

    Probably none.

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    Default Re: Production Colonies in a NUC yard

    I've had Nuc splits in production yards and left them there with no problems... lots of drones available if your nucs need to mate a Queen... they will make some honey in deep frames if your ready for that... I made some medium supers to cover that'if I can remember that I made them and where their at, lol', I've taken some nucs home to my back yard' but when they got strong'' and proud they can get to be a problem with neighbors....3 deeps are easy to make humble though,,,,just make a 1 box split... attitude adjusted just make sure to reduce entrance with a new split for a month to stop robbing....

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