I just found a "beginners" set up on Amazon that makes me step back and wonder if its too good to be true. Little Larue Apiary out of Mt Vernon, Ohio is offering a complete hive kit including:

Quan Item
price ea*
2 Deep bodies (10 frame) $23.00
3 Medium bodies (10 frame) $22.00
20 Deep frames $1.40
30 Medium frames $1.40
1 Screen bottom $30.00
1 Telescoping outer cover $23.00
1 Inner cover $13.00
1 Entrance reducer $2.00
* not actual prices for any supplier

In keeping with forum rules you'll have to go to Amazon to see the actual price of this kit but if what I find there is true it seems a very good deal. Honestly, I am really interested in building my own hives to be ready for beezness spring 2018 but I wonder if I could build them as cheaply as this. Maybe I could build cheaper but it would take many hours. My research indicates that purchasing the individual items from the usual suppliers for like items would total about $300 (+/- $30) plus shipping and handling. Their price is approaching half that including shipping and handling.

Has anyone had any experience with this apiary supply company?