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    Just wanting to see what others like to use for there hive feeders

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    I dont like front entrance feeders (I know others who love em). I use frame feeders when necessary but I have a couple of top box feeders for hard cases. every method has its pluses and minuses, just be sure to do something when its required.

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    Anything inside helps against robbing but is more of a chore to check and fill. Any outside risk robbing but are easier. I like gallon paint cans (new) or two gallon pails. They are inverted over a hole in inner or top cover. An empty super will protect and enclose it from rain and coons. If those aren't an issue they can be left exposed. They cover the hole so no robbing, easy swap or refill, and feed a large amount at once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrJeseuss View Post
    I like gallon paint cans (new) or two gallon pails.
    Similar. I use a couple quart jars on the inner cover propped up by 3/8" boards (like the size of entrance reducers), a deep box over that.
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    I used wooden hive top feeders for years. The ones with the floats in them that are supposed to stop bees from drowning.

    They don't work so I ended up putting plastic screen on top of the floats and this stops the bees from going under the floats.

    I am going to use the Ultimate brand of hive feeders this year. You drill a hole in the center of your outer cover, install 2 screws via a template provided, and the hive feeder
    is outside the hive for easy access but other bees cannot get to the sugar water. They come with a plastic plug to fill the hole when not in use.

    I like the concept. Hope they work


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