Does anyone sale Nucs this time of year?
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    Default Does anyone sale Nucs this time of year?

    I am looking to buy nucs before the spring I was wondering if any one sales them this time of year. I am in Florida.

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    Default Re: Does anyone sale Nucs this time of year?

    Jester bees down in Mims Fl. Horace Bell, and Bob Harvey sell a lot of bees at different times of years. But, most of them are selling hundreds, to semi loads at a time as the big bee keepers are trying to get bees ready to go to Almonds this time of year. Jester might be your best bet this time of year for just a couple hives. They will be easier to find as we get closer to spring. It's hard to find bees this time of year. But, not impossible. I bought 4 full hives my first year in January from a bee keeper needing some money. By March I was making splits. Keep looking you maybe able to find some.


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