Musings on Bees in the Cemetery
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    Musings on Beekeeping: Musings on Bees in the Cemetery

    I went for a walk the other Sunday to stretch my legs with Scooter, my dog. Of all the possible routes we could have taken, I decided to head for the town cemetery. I wanted to also go looking for some stingless bees. The cemetery is a good place for this.

    The older mausoleums begin to deteriorate and crack, so it gives the bees a place to enter the tombs. Most are small native stingless bees but occasionally you might find a colony of Africanized bees.

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    wow, that's a great bee area.

    I know of a bee tree in a cemetery a few miles from my house. No mausoleum in that graveyard, but the tree has ben busy for years.


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