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    If you are worry about emergency feeding in the winter time then consider pouring the
    loose sugar or sugar powder on the solid bottom board. Just finished combining another
    nuc hive and poured in sugar powder on the bottom board today. Will add more sugar bricks on
    top and more patty subs too. Depending on how many frames of bees you have they should finish
    the 5 lb in 2 week or so when they're still brooding now. During the cold winter time they will eat more sugar
    to warm themselves up. So it would not hurt to put in more sugar bricks lasting for the entire month.
    The patty subs are there to keep their fat layer on longer too. Each time I put in 4 lbs of the
    loose sugar on the bottom. The loose sugar will absorb much hive moisture while providing a food source for the bees. At
    this late they will not carry out the loose sugar. Both form of sugar they will use when needed. Many are munchin away now!

    Loose sugar on bottom board:
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    Don't mix foreign bees into a virgin hive. She might get balled 100% of the time! When will you ever learn, huh?

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