Hive Beetles!!! Argh
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    Default Hive Beetles!!! Argh

    Newbie here. First hive set up in May. Just went out to inspect, and they have all left. And I see hive beetles which I didn't see before! Ugh.
    So, I'm sure this is old hat to folks, but what do I do now. I live in Los Angeles, and I have read that freezing the frames (of which I have 9-11 fully drawn, 4-5 with honey) kills off eggs. Also guessing I should close up the hive so a feral colony doesn't move in. Thoughts, recommendations?

    Thanks so much,

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    Default Re: Hive Beetles!!! Argh

    Freeze the frames or the hive beetles will destroy the comb, along with wax moths. The beetles just take over when the colony gets weak, or gone.

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