Maxant Bottling tank and no drip valve
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    Default Maxant Bottling tank and no drip valve

    I got a 600-3 a couple years ago with a top strainer and a no-drip valve. I remember the no-drip valve being around $95 or so.

    Looking at a 600-5 with top strainer and no-drip valve and it looks like the valve is about $180. Am I just remembering wrong or maybe they used to have these as a kit?

    Does anyone remember?


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    Wink Re: Maxant Bottling tank and no drip valve

    I've got a couple of those valves on my 600-2 units. I do remember it being $95 a few years ago. I was just on their site and it's " Stainless Steel NDV purchased with Tank $99.00". Flipside it does say "1" Stainless Steel No Drip Valve $179.00" too. If you're ordering the tank make sure to throw it on the order.
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    Default Re: Maxant Bottling tank and no drip valve

    Just a few weeks ago we bought two more of the #600-2, each bundled with the NDV. I asked them this same question while ordering on the phone, as D Coates suggests, if you bundle the NDV with the tank you get it at the discounted price. If you try to buy it separately, and I understand there are folks that do, they charge a premium for it. We now have the NDV on all of our tanks, I can't imagine going back to life without it!


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