Robbing Screen - Leave it or Remove it?
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    Default Robbing Screen - Leave it or Remove it?


    I started feeding me bees 2:1 syrup about 2 weeks ago, and during the 1st feeding I noticed that bees are defensive and something like robbing is going on. So I decided to build my own robbing screen using s regular window screen mesh. I put the same mesh on the top to cover the inner cover hole.

    Before, since weather got colder I put the entrance reducer with 1" hole.

    It looks now my hives are heavy enough to survive winter

    IMG_1465.JPG , IMG_1466.JPG

    I am just not sure, should I leave the robbing screens on or take them off for winter?
    They are on the way for bees, but they will be on the way of robbers, wax moth, mice and so on ...

    Any advise?

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    Default Re: Robbing Screen - Leave it or Remove it?

    My robbing screens stay on until the mouse guards replace them when I insulate the stacks for winter with thick foam panels. My insulation panels rest on the little arms that project forward on the entrance board and sit tight against the front face of the stack, so the robbing screens would get in the way. If I didn't insulate I would leave them on until there is a stop to flying weather. I don't encourage visitors to my treated colonies.


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    Default Re: Robbing Screen - Leave it or Remove it?

    Same as enj. I found a (new to me) way to make a mouse guard from metal sheetrock bead. you drill 5/15 to 3/8" holes in one side and set it in front of entrance with small rock on it. I am making some as soon as I remember where I tucked the screen bead away.


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