HELP with October Pollen ID in NE Florida
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    Default HELP with October Pollen ID in NE Florida

    I am always amazed at the variety of pollen my little ladies find. As I get more years of beekeeping under by belt (7 years now) I am noticing and wondering about more and more.

    I want to know all of flowers they use in my area or at least start to document what I am sure of.

    I haven't collected pollen this time of year before and now that I am, I am noticing lots of DARK pollen that my eyes were not noticing on the ladies legs by just watching them come an go. at first glance I thought the dark pollen was all the same, but now that I look at it under magnification I can see there are several varieties of dark pollen coming in. It looks like the dark brown/Black might be mixed with the reddish brown in some cases.

    Attached is a picture of the pollen I collected today and i wanted to put the wisdom of the group to the test to see if they could help me identify what plants this pollen might be coming from. Or at least point me in the right direction to learn myself. I have found the Wikipedia Pollen source link here -, and found that it was a good start, but not quite localized enough, or complete. It doesn't even have goldenrod or Golden Rain tree on the list, both of which are blooming now in Jacksonville.

    This pollen was collected in Jacksonville, FL on October 1 2016.

    Label 1 (Reddish brown)
    Label 2 (Dark Brown/Black)
    Label 3 (Brown)
    Label 4 (White)

    Let me know if anyone has any thoughts on the 4 labeled colors.

    Chuck Cook

    Image Link for Labeled Bee Pollen

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