Feeding Crystallized Honey
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    Hello All...I have done some cut outs this summer which each yielded quite a bit of crystallized honey. I saved the honeycomb putting it in the freezer thinking I would save it to feed my weaker hives this winter. I caught many swarms this year and some of the later summer catches could use a boost, and some extra stores to make it through our Buffalo winter. Does anyone have a good idea of how to put the comb in the hive to make it available. It is in all different sized chunks. Last year I put some crystallized combs in by laying them on the top bars and that seemed fine, but I would like to put more combs in some of the the hives than one, horizontally, at a time. I am looking at bolstering five hives, and have over 100 lbs. of crystallized comb. Any thoughts of how to position it in the hive for a winter cluster would be appreciated ~

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    I will be using crystalized honey in top feeders. I have regular crystallized honey but I don't see why you couldn't use crystallized comb.My top feeders have 2 large open areas that could hold about 2 gallons of liquid.

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    Place it right on top of the bars and add a shim to house it.

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