Yesterday I moved a swarm from the trap to the new hive. Since this was a late swarm it had a lot of bee but very little comb, brood and almost no honey.

I also have a colony which isn't building much. They're not eating much either. It seem that this family simply doesn't have enough worker bees (this colony comes from some "stolen" bees which I removed from a house wall).

Currently I don't see how these two will be able to survive the winter. What would your advice be? What should I do?
Here's my setup:

1. Weak colony in 1 and a half 8 framers. Top and bottom entries.
2. The newly moved swarm near the colony (side by side) in a new polystyrene 10 framer (yes, yes.. too many experiments running simultaneously) . Bottom entry only. The upper box is empty. I only have it there to be able to put a top feeder in.
3. I also have a strong colony seating nearby (these go through 2 gals of 1:1 syrup in a week). I even took a frame of brood from them to give it to the first colony in mid july - thus they were able to create their new queen to replace the one lost somewhere in the wall.

What should I do? Feeding - how, what ratio, how much, moving, combining?