I just received 15 Carniolan queens from Honey Run Apiaries. I can't yet speak to the quality of the queens. However, I want to share my experience with the company. They were due to be delivered last Thursday-Friday via postal. I had been busy so I hadn't checked to see if I had received an e-mail saying they had been mailed that they had said would be sent. Thursday morning I decide to check. I find an e-mail from 3 days previous saying that there was a problem with my address. I immediately shoot off an e-mail, a text, and a phone call. I repeat that process a couple of times thru the day, but, do not hear back. I'm not to worried at this time, but, since I've already split my hives the previous weekend due to time constraints and with the weekend coming up I want to get on top of the situation. The next morning which is Friday morning I see on my cell that they have left a voice message. I can not understand it so I immediately call. The lady on the other line says there had been a death in the family and they just got back in the office. She says that they have not forgotten my order, but, had the wrong address and phone number. Without me saying a thing she says she will overnight it and I will have it Saturday morning. I offer to pay the difference since I only paid for postal, but, she said no. I received the queens as promised Saturday morning and all looked healthy. Any business can run into problems, however, to me it says a lot about the business by the way they take care of them. I felt that these guys did an excellent job and I would not hesitate to order from them again. I will give my unprofessional view of the queens next spring after they have had a fair chance. Thanks.