For the first time on a tree for honey
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    First he inspected all the trees, the bees disappeared. Then I inspected 3 of the tree, found 1 med, 1 wax, 1 nest of birds. Fixed it, and I'll wait for the spring swarm of bees.

    Did the adaptation for climbing trees. I first used it. It is not easy to climb, dangerous, hard. Height to the beehive of 6-8 m, but in the tree climbing million ants, they bite. Upstairs fixed log with bees. I didn't know if there is honey, because bees were not. Opened the hive and no bees living and the dead. Honeycomb lying on the bottom but the top has a plate honeycomb with honey.Brought it home - we ate a very delicious honey.

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    Today you see, the last time the syrup was refilled, the bee has no time to process and close. I think that for my small little family that they had already closed should be enough. Only I do not know how to be with their second family, put the strips, but after a month again, I watched a few bees with damaged wings. The neighbor is a beekeeper says "treat-not-treat they disappear," it's a pity because, I do not. Will make it a thicker pillow. It turns out only 5 frames in each hive, in every street there are bees. Do not unite as a second family(caught a swarm) has a varroa mite. To spent the winter and spring are not lost if you need to enter in the basement of the house, or enough insulation?

    Is the enemy of the bees! angry hornets.


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