The Bee Experience 1981
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    Default The Bee Experience 1981

    I have been having old family videos made into digital files for viewing on current technology. I added this film to the project.

    Beekeeping San Mateo County 1981. Pulling honey, moving bees away from Medfly spray, Brother Adam beehives, self inflicted stings, introducing queens, sites in Hillsborough, San Mateo, San Francisco Watershed, Half Moon Bay. Starring Herb Fields, Oliver Frank, Jim Talboy, Marilyn Watteyne, others. Cinematography by Jan Jobert, Jaques Watteyne. This was years before the mites came. Bees were mean, crops were huge, we were young, strong and had bee fever real bad.

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    Default Re: The Bee Experience 1981

    That was 35 years ago, were you ever able to reduce the fever?
    I've not had much luck in that respect myself...

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    Default Re: The Bee Experience 1981

    Cool videos Ollie. Thanks for posting.
    The more I learn about bees, the less I know.


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