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    Quote Originally Posted by JeronimoJC View Post
    You have my attention. Can you tell me why you consider this a plus?
    The commonly cited reasons for removing comb have to do with the benefits of clean wax. Oil soluble toxins and disease causing microorganisms build up over time. It seems like some beeks go to great lengths to recycle old comb and others are happy to keep using it indefinitely.

    Of course, some people like to make candles. If you are already harvesting more honey than you need and don't want to fool with selling it then there is something to be said for culling a lot of comb. The wax stores better than extra honey.

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    In addition, the bees build new comb that is right sized for small cell. I feel it decreases the mites in the worker cells and pushes them to the drone cells. Hygienic behavior then lets the bees pull out infected drones (better than sacraficing a worker)

    newer comb means less buildup of chemicals and diseases.

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