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    I am going to add new queen cells to a few hives and to some three frame queen castles. The hives are either queenless, or weak older queens who are good at hiding .. I did this once this summer and 60% of the queens became productive. I have access to extra queen cells, and I am wondering about the logic of adding a second cell a week later as insurance. If the first queen is strong she will she destroy the second cell? It seems like insurance that might give me a higher success rate.
    Any one tried something like this ?

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    Why not just put 2 in at the same time just on different frames?

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    I am looking to get a 75% mated queen rate based upon queen cell count. Since I cannot get a 50% mated rate on emerged queen count I am a ways away from that. But your idea of doubling up cells would never work for me because it would make it impossible to get better than 50% mated queen rates. Not only that but the entire idea strikes me as something like this. so only have half of your queens surviving the obsticals they already face. so your answer is to provide another obstical. How do yo u know that an additional queen cells would not simply provide a fresh virgin to kill you already freshly mated queen? My goal is not to have every compartment of a queen castle produce a mated queen. it is to have every possible virgin queen successfully mated.
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