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    The idea is not to kill them when they are too big to become aggressive. It is to
    manage them to put them back in to productive mode again. Summer time is the best time to
    make up new nucs preparing for the up coming winter with the good gentle stocks. Like others who have
    recommended, I would break up this hive to requeen them. Choose the queens from your 2 out yards if
    you cannot get the new queens in time. Keep in minds that the guard bees are only aggressive when the hive is
    growing. Once you reduced the hive population down they will change their behaviors again. Imagine a new nuc hive that
    barely have enough bees to cover the frames. Now you're more concern of others robbing them. So how to do it?
    1) Set up 2 new hive stands with the new bottom board at a nearby location.
    2) You will need 2-3 new queens for requeening the nucs. Choose the queen from your gentle out yards if you can.
    3) Separate the 2 existing brood nest box on the 2 new hive stands.
    4) Give the original location a new hive box with all new undrawn frames.
    5) Once you find the old queen put her with the foragers in the original hive location.
    6) Once they draw out the frames give them another new queen.
    Now you have 3 new nucs going into winter. The divide and conquer method always work even
    with the AHB when done right. A growing apiary always have one or 2 such hives. How you manage
    them instead of killing them is another story. And conquering the bees does not mean always to put them to death either.
    Show them who is the real boss!
    Don't mix foreign bees into a virgin hive. She might get balled 100% of the time! When will you ever learn, huh?

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    Gopher gassers work well. The old way of harvesting skeps, was to hold them over burning sulfur. The sulfur dioxide gas fumes kill bees, but most important , leave the honey usable. I had to put one down this spring. I'm In Az., and we do get AHB.

    I put them in a length of metal tube, putting the end in the entry. You will likely need to flatten 1 end. Plug 1 end. Tape up, & stuff foam in all gaps, then light it.

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    I hope that you can get through this okay. I have been there and it was stressful.
    If your going to try to re queen them because they are being very aggressive request that the neighbors stay inside until you get it done and things settle down which could last a while. Use lots of smoke for that event. Good Luck!!

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    Be prepared. Be merciless. Unfortunately, there's no cure for a rabid dog.
    After 40 years of beekeeping, I've come to realize that the bees can fix most of my mistakes.

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