Robbing concern?
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    Default Robbing concern?

    I did a brief inspection of my hive today. Just checked the medium super I added a few weeks ago and they have drawn out the foundationless frames nicely and have started to cap some honey on the frames and overall seem to be a pretty strong hive right now. There was a bit of burr comb that I scraped off and some honey ended up dripping down (nothing that I thought was unusual). Later on in the afternoon and early evening there was a good amount of coming and going from the hive. It was a really nice day so I didn't think much of it. However, I noticed that I couldn't easily see too much pollen being brought into the hive and then I saw two bees wrestling on the front entrance. I watched for about 15 minutes and only saw this occur one time between those 2 bees. I came back a bit later and watched for another 15-20 minutes and saw a similar occurrence where 2 bees were wrestling with one bee and they ended up falling off the entrance onto the ground. Most of the bees were just taking off and landing and calmly walking around the entrance or walking right into the hive without confrontation. I didn't see too many other bees hovering around or anything else that looked odd so I wasn't too worried but is that something to worry about? Would that be a reason to put my entrance reducer on? If it is a robbing situation to be concerned about wouldn't there be numerous bees wrestling as I watched for a bit? Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Robbing concern?

    Occasional fighting is normal. Testing the defense.


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