Building the Bushkill Bee Vac
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    Default Building the Bushkill Bee Vac

    I was asked in another thread to post pictures of the construction process for the Bushkill Bee Vac. I finally got around to making another one this weekend. Here's how I do it.

    I used an 11-ply plywood that I had left over from a job, 3/4" thick (actual 11/16"). I think a good plywood, or a good tight grain solid wood like poplar would be best. Pine would work, but I don't think it would hold up as well in the long run.

    I ripped enough 3" wide pieces to make the outer box of both the top and bottom unit.

    Bottom Unit

    Cut all pieces to size.

    A) 3" x 20"
    B) 3" x 15-5/8"
    C) 15-1/4" x 19" x 1/4" plywood
    D) 3" x 4-1/2" x 1/4" plywood

    I wanted to make sure any hive body I grabbed would fit, so I decided to make the top and bottom units an 1/8" bigger than standard hive dimensions since I incorporate the use of metal corner angles to keep all the pieces locked together when stacked.

    Rabbet the ends on parts A. Plywood thickness (11/16") x half the thickness (5/16").

    Distance from the fence to the opposite side (outside) of the blade should equal the thickness of the plywood.

    Cut this shoulder so the overall dimension when part B is between the two sides will equal 16-3/8".

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