Replacing hive stand
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    Default Replacing hive stand

    Currently my hive is setting on a couple of large cinderblocks. I would like to build a wooden stand with four posts. I saw a plan in a book I was reading. Thought it would be easier to control ants by putting the legs in coffee cans with a bit of motor oil. My question is should I wait until fall to move the hive or can I do that any time. It's a matter of picking up the hive and placing it on the ground and moving the stand out of the way and putting the new stand in place picking the hive up and putting it on the new wooden stand. How disruptive is something like this?

    Thank you for your input.

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    Default Re: Replacing hive stand

    Go for it.

    Don't stack the hive boxes right one the ground, you may end up with crawlers up your pant legs.

    Easiest way would be:

    Take off outer cover, place it on the ground upside down, the take off inner cover, turn it a bit so it sits on the corners on top of the outide cover, then stack your supers and brood boxes on the inner cover until you have just the bottom board left on your old stand. Then take the bottom board and rotate it a bit and put it on top of thestack of boxes. This will provideo shade and a proper feeling for the bees while you place your new stand. Then build it back up on the new stand.

    Don't design your new stand too high, gets really hard (impossible) to pull off a full super if it is too high.


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