The bee magnet type building
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    Default The bee magnet type building

    13308454_266583510361184_8426685172614227468_o.jpgWe did a cutout in a roof that was over a bay window on the third floor. (two weeks ago)

    There are a ton of pine trees there so I went back to pick up some pine cones. Filled up four 5-gallon buckets. (free smoker fuel)
    As a lark I looked up at where we removed the bees and "aw crap" there is another swarm moved in but different hole...upper roof. We sealed the little roof with the bay window tight and there's no way they got back in.

    This sort of sucks because I doubt we can convince the owners of this huge apartment complex that they have a bee magnet that's built so crappy that there are holes all over it like swiss cheese.

    Any ideas of what we need to say to get them to pay for the second removal? I'm afraid this falls under the category of "we're screwed".
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    Default Re: The bee magnet type building

    Do you have documentation of the first removal and its location, aka pictures?

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    Default Re: The bee magnet type building

    Quote Originally Posted by aunt betty View Post
    13308454_266583510361184_8426685172614227468_o.jpg's built so crappy that there are holes all over it like swiss cheese.

    They already know it, not likely to admit it. "Built crappy", bees are not the only problems they are having. Plumbing, cracks and noise are likely constant complaints. They want problems to go away. Period.

    You can try selling prevention, swarm traps, other than that dependability is your best selling point. You will return and take care of each problem so it does not come back. Spot location guarantees not a housing complex wide guarantee.

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    Default Re: The bee magnet type building

    I always fill the empty nest void after the removal with R-30 roll insulation and take before, during and after photos. Costs less then $20.00. The bees can always find away around just caulk.

    But if the bees are in a different roof location it's not on you, stick to your guns.

    Good luck,


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