Extra mean hive, gotta requeen?
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    Default Extra mean hive, gotta requeen?

    2nd year beek here.

    A swarm I captured a month ago is mean to the point where I can't inspect the hive. They have also filled 2 brood boxes, all 20 frames with brood and honey and have a honey super on top. I'm considering taking a few frames of brood and putting into my weaker hives. But anyway, I open the lid and they just boil over. My veil and hands get completely covered (thank goodness for gloves) by the time I get 2 frames in. So I figure I need to re-queen to calm them, but in the month I've had them I have never been able to find the queen (partly due to not being able to get far into the hive). I know she is in there laying eggs as I've seen them.

    So I'm looking for suggestions on how to proceed. Separate the 2 brood boxes and see which one has new eggs after a few days and spending a long time locating the queen? Contact a local beek with far more experience to come help find the queen and pinch her? Split the hive and let them re-queen themselves? How long should I let the hive go queenless in any case before introducing a new queen?

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    Default Re: Extra mean hive, gotta requeen?

    Check and see if anything is bothering them at night (critters)
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    Default Re: Extra mean hive, gotta requeen?

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    Default Re: Extra mean hive, gotta requeen?

    I had a hive like that a few years ago. It was three deeps and mean. I couldn't put enough smoke on them to get anything accomplished. One day I was inspecting them and decided the productivity, which was good, wasn't worth the trouble, its supposed to be a fun hobby. I split the three boxes, found and pinched the queen. I then went back in and pinched the queen cells and placed a frame with eggs from my best hives in the boxes. It worked well and expanded my numbers without any cost. Good Luck,.....DD


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