I live in Papua New Guinea, and I keep 4 hives of Mellifera bees . The Asian Cerana bees live wild around here, and are all over the place. Mostly I just spend a lot of time digging them out of my friendís houses and sheds. But recently I decided to try to hive some. I built a small purpose built ďbox pileĒ hive, and got one colony to take residence. Now my fiend wants me to get this new hive off his property.

Is there any reason I canít put this hive of Cerana in my same bee yard side by side with my Mellifera Bees?

Iíve always been happy to kill the Cerana as they spread mites, and possibly other diseases. And Iím having trouble with both Varroa and Tropilaelaps mites. And the Cerana help spread those. But Iíve come to the point of ďif you canít beat them, join themĒ and Iím giving the Cerana a try. We eat the honey we dig out of houses, and itís a bit runnier than regular honey, but still good. And honestly Iím mostly into it because bees are super interesting. Not just for the honey.

Any advice would be great!