Hive swarmed need virgin queen advice
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    Default Hive swarmed need virgin queen advice

    I had a swarm on May 9th and was lucky enough to capture it. So far the swarm is doing well and more than happy with it's new home. I checked the original hive this past Sunday May 22 and it is brimming with bees, pollen coming in, no roar and very gentle. So far though there is no brood or capped cells at all. Should I give it more time if a virgin queen is in there or think about adding a new queen. What is the average wait time to see if a new queen is laying after a swarm?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Hive swarmed need virgin queen advice

    Swarms usually occur right before the first virgin emerges, but may be after, depending on various factors such as the weather. Assuming they left a few days before, it may be 2-3 weeks before the virgin is mated and begins laying. I've had colonies where I've waited 3 weeks, saw no sign of a queen, bought a replacement, and then found the new queen when opening the hive to install the purchased queen.

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    Default Re: Hive swarmed need virgin queen advice

    just had this me!

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