Odd behavior (from bees and me)
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    Default Odd behavior (from bees and me)

    I removed a frame of brood with two QC's from an Italian hive to a nuc. This was yesterday. The QCs were very small but larger than drone brood [If I can ever figure out how to post photos from my phone I will do so]. In any event, postedsome photos to a FB group and was getting feedback that they were indeed QC's. Unfortunately in my indecision I had added the frames back to the hive today. So after realizing my mistake I went back in to again remove them but instead found the bees in the process of tearing them down, removing the wax around the larvae. Main Hive is confirmed to be Queen right.

    Anyone ever seen this behavior before?

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    Default Re: Odd behavior (from bees and me)

    Hard to say why...you may have killed the larva by cold or force. Or the queen could have got to them and tore them down. Or the bees decided they didn't need em. At any rate just 2 cells seems like superceder.

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    Default Re: Odd behavior (from bees and me)

    To post pics you can use an app like photobucket and gives you a link to paste right into a post on here and the picture will show up.

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    Default Re: Odd behavior (from bees and me)

    Yes, I have seen this before. They decided that
    they already have a queen so no need to keep these cells.
    I found out that if you position the frame in a different area
    the workers will tear down the cell. Must be that they do not
    recognize the cell in their spot.
    Don't mix foreign bees into a virgin hive. She might get balled 100% of the time! When will you ever learn, huh?

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