Advice on creamed honey
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    Default Advice on creamed honey

    I am not a bee keeper, just a consumer. I used some cotton honey for seed in local unknown raw honey. It set up
    nicely in my refrigerator in a few days, perfect. In December of 2015.
    Using the first jar of that sitting on the counter in the kitchen it is trying to reliquify. I put it back in the refrigerator
    for a few days but it won't go to cream very well again. It was perfect when I starting using it about a month ago.
    Is there anything I can do?

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    Default Re: Advice on creamed honey

    Granulation of honey is dependant on glucose/fructose ratios, moisture content, temperature, and a "seed" to allow the crystals to grow. Fine (small) seed grows fine crystals. Ideal temperature for crystalization is 57F. Colder slows it down and freezing stops it. Warmer slows it down and 90-100f may actually melt crystals.

    You can remix the partially liquified honey to redistribute the crystals, and break them up. Then find a cool spot as close to 57f and wait. Std refigerator temp is too cool.

    Regards Peter
    Ottawa. ON


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