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    Installed a nuc I bought into the hive 3 days ago. Today I noticed this and was wondering if it is pollen and if so why it is being dumped from the hive. Reorganizing or something maybe? If not what do you think it is? The hive has SBB so that is where it is coming out of. The pieces are probably about 1/16th to 1/8th inch diameter and hard and crumbly. The picture is taken from the side of the hive front being to the right as you look at the pic. Stand leg is front leg of the stand. I have not opened the hive to see what they are doing and do not really want to disturb them for another week or so. Figured it best to let them get things going they way they want to.


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    Looks like bee excrement to me.

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    Looks like pollen pellets to me. Coming and going I know the pollen can drop off the bee carrying it. If you see them packing it out of the hive and dumping it, that is something different. I once had a pile of forager bees, dead, under and to the side of the hive. Their little pollen baskets stuffed with pollen. My thought was they got into something that had been sprayed with chemicals, and rather than bring it into the hive, they stayed out and died.

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    Pollen. They pack it it balls like that when they are putting it in the cells and it falls out often. You see a lot of it if you have debris boards under the screens.


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