My name is Richard Coates and I live in Bristol (England, UK)

The reason I am posting is that I am helping to organize a conference for bee keepers early next year.

The conference is in the early stages of development and is due to take place early in March 2017.

The venue will be Lublin in the East of Poland and will be spread over a long weekend.

We are hoping to attract a large number of bee keeping enthusiasts from all over Europe, and are in the process of arranging presentations from leading industry experts in the field.

Given the decline in the number of bees here in the UK, we are inviting ecologists an opportunity to present at the conference as well.

We also intend to have a trade fair, and we hope to have a large number of suppliers of bee keeping equipment available to discuss purchasing their equipment and goods at discounted prices.

We hope that the event will be of interest to people who keep bees as a hobby and industry professionals alike.

Once we have a list of people who are interested, we can offer assistance with booking hotel accommodation and transfers, making it a complete package.

I appreciate that this may be of little interest to people in the USA, but if anyone is keen to travel to Europe to attend then please let me know.

Kind regards

Richard Coates