After catching a swarm
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    Default After catching a swarm

    I have caught 2 swarms this season, the first one absconded. I caught the second just 2 days ago and I'm paranoid that they will abscond. The entrance is small enough that I don't think the queen can leave, and I gave them some drawn brood comb. But, there are a fair amount of bees clustered on the entrance. They stay there in the afternoon then go inside when it is cold. I think they might be confused by all the ventilation holes, as they seem to be trying to chew through them. Should I be worried?

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    Default Re: After catching a swarm

    Quote Originally Posted by BlanketFlowerBees View Post
    Should I be worried?
    Was the queen a virgin?
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    Putting a frame of brood comb was a good move. I either close screened bottom boards if I use them to hive a swarm or use a solid bottom board (the preferred method for me). Swarms like a dark area when they move in and are less likely to abscond in my experience. You can try putting a queen excluder under the box but be aware that drones will get caught in it and remove it after three days or so. By three days they should have built some comb and a mated queen should have started laying eggs, all of which should anchor the swarm. You also want a virgin to be able to take mating flights, if the swarm was an after swarm with a virgin.
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