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    (This is an unusual weather year; so some things acting weird this year.)

    I'm getting tomato plant flowers right about now, (first week of July), and this will continue for more than a month possibly much more than that. I'm also getting cucumber flowers now, pumpkin, and squash flowers now. (I realize most people wouldn't be putting garden flower blooms here, except isn't it a trend that many people are now urban city beeks now? And many people in Utah garden. I also think its good to mention garden flower blooms because they are spread out over a longer period than wild flower blooms? Can anyone else confirm?) And also last year and year before I did see honey bees in the garden for much of the year.

    Radishes have a nice bloom that ends when it gets hot. My radishes have flowers for a really long time but it just ended, but was going pretty strong for much of May and June. With many radishes together thats a lot of blooms also in a low square footage zone, (the bees quit going after these blooms towards maybe the last part of June?) (But I also don't know if other gardeners in Utah County are planting the same time as I am.)

    Sunflower blooms just started flowing this week, buds are opening up from mid July...but I can't remember if the dates last year also were the same. Last year the bees liked going after the sunflowers (but so did the wasps...I better put a wasp trap out).

    Maybe next year I'll see how a normal year stacks up with this.

    (South Utah County, Utah)

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