What was on her ?? What to do ??
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    Default What was on her ?? What to do ??

    I have a volunteer hive underneath the floor of my wooden shop.
    I hope to move them to a better location for me come spring.
    This morning I went out to check temperatures on the floor.

    Sorta stuck in 1 of 3 access holes for the bees to come up to the sugar syrup was this bee.
    As you can see - most of "this" was on her legs and belly - not so much her back.
    Was Obviously dying and having great difficulty moving.
    Hope that worked.
    Of maybe 5 bees out - she was the only one that looked like this. Once I got her out of the hole, a couple of others came up and they were clean. Any of the others may or not have come up thru a different hole.

    I'm a newbee - I have not been able to find any pictures or words that sound like this looks.
    Any ideas ?? There was some pink insulation under there at one time - think it is gone by now.


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    Default Re: What was on her ?? What to do ??

    that is dried sugar syrup you either spilled some or a few fell in. Either way not much to worry about other than spilling it could cause robbing.

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    Default Re: What was on her ?? What to do ??

    Sugar water, she fell in and got it all over her and died. it happens when you feed. One or two is nothing to worry about.

    Ways to avoid it; zip lock baggie with small holes or cuts, jar or container feeder with tiny holes on the bottom, put straw or sticks in your syrup dish gives the bees something to climb on, thinner syrup but not for winter feeding.

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    Default Re: What was on her ?? What to do ??

    Thank you so very much.
    Was really worried.
    Last I looked, I have her outside and she was still alive and moving a bit better in warm sunshine.
    Fell in Sugar syrup - yes possible.
    I do have straw in the dishes for them to climb on. Upon further review, need more in one for sure.

    Looks like - 1.) more straw or 2.) get a jar feeder or 3.) bricks
    Was going to try to start making some Lauri bricks tonight - partly for that reason and partly because it stays so cool where they are and I think I read cool syrup is not good for their tummies.
    60's outside now, pretty breezy too - only a few outside
    54 underneath their cardboard cover with 15wt light to try to give a bit of warmth so they will come up and feed - was my plan. Guess I need to make a bit warmer for them to come up and feed. Was down to 31 other night.

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