Not Moving Honey Down
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    Default Not Moving Honey Down

    Numbers: 5 Hives; 2 Nucs

    Two of my hives did not have enough capped honey for the winter when I reduced their size from a deep and two mediums to a deep and a single medium about 1 month ago. The top medium(s) did not get completely filled during the fall flow (frames had patches of honey). After consolidation and moving the frames around I had about 6 to 8 medium frames (with patches of capped honey) left which I put above the inner cover below the outer cover of two hives hoping the bees would move the honey down (I scored the cells to encourage this). I also feed the hives with a mason jar of 2/1 SW. To a large extent that did not happen.

    Our weather is turning colder and liquid feed will be less useful; I know I will have to watch them and feed dry sugar at some point.

    My question is I don't want to leave the above set up for winter: 1) would you remove the excess frames and extract them; 2) move the inner cover above the partially filled frames and fill the space with empty drawn comb; 3) something else.

    Advise appreciated.

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    Default Re: Not Moving Honey Down

    Personally, I would move the inner cover above the medium of honey, put on a feed shim(Under inner cover) and dump 2/1 in gallon baggies to them until they wont take it anymore. If they were actively being fed, they might not have seen a reason to move the honey down. They could backfill the broodnest with syrup and leave the cured honey alone. G
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    Default Re: Not Moving Honey Down

    would definitely put medium partially filled below the inner cover. Cooler temps they will not go above inner cover to feed. If your top medium is full and their is some in deep you may be at end of manipulating frames. If the honey was ripe you could extract and try to feed it back in baggies on top of frames . or just install your shim and feed as necessary and eat the honey.

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    Default Re: Not Moving Honey Down

    In my experience they don't move honey around until they are consuming it. They will typically consume the uncapped stuff first.

    If you tear open cappings they will move those cells bursted open.

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