Nosema deliberately sprayed on grasshoppers
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    Default Nosema deliberately sprayed on grasshoppers

    I was looking up grasshoppers this morning because my garden is infested with them. I've had to grow everything under nets just to stand a chance this season and I was just curious about how others handle grasshoppers since I do things the organic way. I stumbled upon this website (below):

    It is a Wyoming land management site that lists the treatment of grasshoppers with:

    "A biological control protozoan, Nosema locustae, has been primarily used by homeowners for small infestations. Nosema is slow acting and may not reduce grasshopper populations to non-economic numbers the year of application. Additionally, experimental treatments over large acreages have yielded variable success in reducing grasshopper numbers."

    So of course I had to look up whether or not it is of direct relation to Nosema Apis. They are both classed as microsporidian fungi but there is nothing that would otherwise distinguish them from one another in terms of how they would affect bees and grasshoppers. Has this been discussed before? Am I stumbling upon something well known?

    Just having coffee this morning and getting peeved lol.

    Here's an example of product. Title should read FED to grasshoppers but I'm still a bit asleep:
    4th Yr. 8 hives. Italian/Carniolan apiary. 3 loss over 4 yr. W.NC location.

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    Default Re: Nosema deliberately sprayed on grasshoppers

    Though it is the same Family and Genus, Nosema locustae is a different species than N. apis or N. ceranae. My google-fu found no published evidence of a threat to bees with N. locustae.

    It's interesting to note that Nosema xxxx have recently been reclassified from protozoan to fungi or fungi-like.

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