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    Default Extractor (Make your own)

    USDA plans for a 4 frame radial: https://www.beesource.com/forums/show...oney-Extractor
    Yankee Beekeeper 20 frame radial plans: https://www.beesource.com/build-it-yo...ney-extractor/

    The threads below are extractors designed and built by Beesource members, with photos

    Welded stainless steel: https://www.beesource.com/forums/show...oney-Extractor
    Plastic barrel & bicycle wheel frame holder: https://www.beesource.com/forums/show...heel-Extractor
    Plastic barrel & recycled treadmill motor: https://www.beesource.com/forums/show...made-extractor!
    Plastic barrel 4 frame radial for about $60: https://www.beesource.com/forums/show...l-for-about-60

    Adding a recycled treadmill motor to a Maxant extractor: https://www.beesource.com/forums/show...-for-extractor

    Discussion of aluminum vs stainless steel: https://www.beesource.com/forums/show...oney-Extractor

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