Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis - biological control of wax moth larva)
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    Default Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis - biological control of wax moth larva)

    Bt variety aizawai, including toxicity discussion:

    Bt aizawai, effectiveness in wax moth control:

    Shelf life of Bt aizawai:

    If you are considering Xantari (a specific brand of Bt aizawai), this thread has info on how to decode the product lot number to determine the expiration date.

    This is important as old product may lose its effectiveness. Note that as of the date in the "old stock" thread linked above, the Amazon seller (Hidhut) had been shipping expired Xantari. Post #19 links to a vendor that as of September 2016 is shipping 'in-date' Xantari. Pay attention to the lot number of your shipment.

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