My bees are gone!
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    Default My bees are gone!

    I went to check on my hives which I have not inspected for a month and all of my bees are gone! Both hives are two years old. The honey is gone and there are no dead bees or brood. They had some wax moth damage and I found a few beetles but Iím not sure if that happened before or after they left.
    Next year I plan to split other hives and reuse the abandoned hives. Can I reuse the plastic foundation frames? I would at least run them through the freezer to kill any pests. Do I need to completely clean off the wax or just clear out the moth damage?

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    Default Re: My bees are gone!

    Hives die all of the time from a whole list of reasons and its normally ok to reuse equipment but you had better learn what foul brood is before you reuse. my patience for new beekeepers spreading disease is starting to run awful thin

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