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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim B View Post
    Give them five or six weeks of dusting from mid jan to end of feb and again in the fall covering the last brood cycle and you won't see any cases.
    I have had some years I see nothing at all.In fact this year was the first EFB I have seen in years so no need to try to cure what you dont have.Like the backwoods people Wildbranch is talking about that live in the backwoods.Those people that raise their own livestock and have no money for vet visits are the ones who will suffer greatly if they cant get antibiotics to treat what few animals they have.

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    Just sent to me from our MO Extension Office, choices- take burning seriously, work with the vets, or allow disease colonies to continue?
    "At our Ag Updates, our Livestock Specialists have been discussing the VFD and its implications for livestock producers. Basically, livestock producers will need a VFD to purchase feeds that are medicated with certain pharmaceuticals… especially those containing antibiotics which come under the VFD regulation. That means a veterinarian will have to write a VFD for them to be able to purchase these feeds, and the retailer selling these feeds will have to keep records on the sale, etc.

    At the Livingston County Ag Update, one of the attendees asked about bees. He saw that oxytetracycline was on the list. He and his wife have about 20 hives.

    Well, apparently a VFD WILL be required for beekeepers, if they use that product. I looked it up and found this: "

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