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    I use mason jars in 250 ml and 500ml That would be 1/2 and 1 pint US. Sell for nice round figures of $5 and $10. each. The weights are just under 3/4 and 1 1/2 pounds so works out to $6 dollars a pound and pays for the jar and label. I could go to a fancier bottle and label and up the price but this way is easy. I would not be thrilled with trying to hit the hole in a muth bottle or any small top for that matter. You wind up having to wash dribbles off the outsides.

    I put the bottles out on a table in the laneway, with an honor system cash box and the honey sells itself.

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    Out of the 6 different size jars my wife purchased this year, the most popular was the 1lb glass jar. we priced them at $10.00. The # 2 seller was the quart size for $20.00. Nothing else sold very well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerTiefster View Post
    I think there is no law prohibiting sale of such collector's item liquor bottles as Lauri has shown. At least if there is not liquor remaining in them, as defined by the glorious alcohol laws passed by our respective glorious legislatures and signed by our ... well, you understand. And if Lauri left the bottles open near her bees so they might benefit from the well-known disinfectant properties of the residual alcohol vapor, and a few of the bees became confused and dropped their honey in the wrong place, well, that's also understandable.

    Beautiful frames. Absolutely tops for a marketing draw in prosperous areas. I may try that sometime. I wonder whether offering for sale such an interesting biological artifact as a demonstration bee frame still falls under food laws....
    Here, there are no legal impediments if honey is sold in the comb. However, if you bottle it and wish to sell it in a retail establishment, you must have a 'kitchen license'.

    Quote Originally Posted by aunt betty View Post
    $70 a gallon. Sold a lot of half-gallon mason jars.
    Wow. When I bought my first pail of honey to make mead, I only paid $60 for five gallons.

    They way I drink whiskey it'd take years to collect 5 bottles.
    That's no fun. I get almost that many in a week...OK, I'm exaggerating...slightly...
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    I put the bottles out on a table in the laneway, with an honor system cash box and the honey sells itself.
    I am probly a bit more off the beaten path but that is how I want to roll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burns375 View Post
    People like the muth jars as a cool bottle to put on the shelf. The classic 3/4 lb spout tip squeeze bear is probably my best seller. The 1.5lb bear does well also. I would offer a variety, then next year make more of what sells the best.
    I attached what i sell for here..
    I realize this posting is a bit older, but the price of those bottles are double what you have listed.

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    2oz $2.50
    8oz $5
    12oz $7
    12oz chunk $12
    12oz (4"x4") comb $14
    16oz $9
    16oz muth with dipper $12
    32oz $16
    5lbs $35
    1 gallon $72

    Biggest seller is the 8oz but I sell alot of the others as well. All in plastic except for the chunk and muth jars.
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