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    Quick Fall Prep question. I am in central North Carolina. I started a package in March. Currently in a double deep with two supers on it. (Debating on removing the supers and letting them fill the hive bodies with necter/honey). My question, what do you/most people feel is needed for pollen stores? My bees have filled over half of the frame on about 6 or 7 frames with pollen. (On 6+ frames, half of the cells have pollen in it).

    How much pollen is needed to go into winter? IF i were to cull out some of the pollen frames, what do I do with those frames? I know I cant store it for them to use later. Freezing it doesnt seem like a valuable option. Scrape the plastic foundation and let them start over next year? Thank you.
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    Based on your area, I think you should see your bees foraging for pollen during the warmer days of winter. Let the bees pack away what they want. The use it for brood rearing, which slows way down in the winter. If you want to supplement, help them out by planting fall/winter blooming and also spring blooming camellias. There are also a few other fall/winter blooming plants which they will visit to collect the pollen.

    If you end up pulling some of the pollen frame, throw them in the freezer and give it back to them during the warm spell in Jan/Feb that we always seem to get. That way they can use it for brood rearing as the queen gears up for spring.

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    the bees know what they are doing. make sure they have lots of honey for winter and don't worry about pollen.

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