If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that "you need to carry one of those"...
So finally I bit, went to the pharmacist, told them I keep bees, and people keep saying I need to have one for their emergencies or possibility thereof.

The guy kind of laughed and said it's a good idea but you need a prescription to get an epepen and you must get stung and nearly die to get the scrip. Really?

I've spent a certain amount of time having anxiety about "what if my neighbor's 3-yr-old get's stung and reacts".
Low income neighborhood here so it will be frantic and I better have a danged epepen when confronted with a situation.
I'm going to give out benedryl and admit no guilt...ask if they got the markings off the bee that did the dirty deed.

Couldn't be one of mine. I TOLD them not to do that.