Was contacted my Sven Bjorkman who wanted my bees. Agreed to send him a load. He picked them up and put them in an orchard in Modesto, California. Agreement was 50% upon inspection, and balance 10 days after hives were removed. Sven inspected the colonies and we had some disagreement about the strength of the some of the colonies but they remained in the orchard nonetheless. After inspection, no check was forthcoming. At end of pollination, Sven was a no show. Colonies were loaded and as of this date, Sven has refused to return calls and no check has been forthcoming. I spoke with the grower who indicated Sven had been paid a long time ago. In speaking with other beekeepers after the fact, this is not the firs time this has happened. He is located out of Strathmore, CA and his cell number is 559-920-2414. As of today, I am out over $63,000.00. Please don't fall prey like I did.