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    Default Re: Who is not squishing the grumpy queens??

    Quote Originally Posted by clyderoad View Post
    I read your post and immediately had the following thoughts:
    what's grumpy to you may not be to others.
    are you assuming the most docile bees are the best bees?
    maybe bees shouldn't be kept in densely populated areas.
    I am in Texas. Before I started bee keeping I saw nearly everyone on YouTube without bee suits. My thoughts were...... I hope I can get to a comfortable point where I can do that. Wondered how long it would take. I then talked to my first bee keeper. "OH NO, You won't see anyone in the south doing that". Something about the DNA of Africanized bees being in the queens is what I was told. A smaller percentage making them more defensive. I see the YouTube video "The Bee Man" and I now know the difference. Bees up North are certainly more docile from what YouTube has displayed because no way am I going to open my hive up and start pulling frames with out a full bee suit on.

    You call it grumpy where as to my bee hive it's probably the norm.

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    Default Re: Who is not squishing the grumpy queens??

    Quote Originally Posted by cgybees View Post
    You realize supersedures replicate the same genetics, yes?
    Many people buy nucs and packages from far away places. If the offspring from a supersedure is in a new area the genetics will certainly get watered down both ways. Even though you may have a very gentle queen you don't allow open breeding in an AHB area. Breeding has always been a game of chance. You combine races of bees and hope to weed out the traits you don't want and keep the ones you do. The hard part is to get successive offspring to exhibit the same good traits. That is the problem with mixed breeds.
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    Default Re: Who is not squishing the grumpy queens??

    Quote Originally Posted by Thershey View Post
    Of course I do, the forced supersedures were in other hives that exhibit the characteristics I want to replicate. When they make extra cells, those get moved to the also now queenless for 8 days grumpy hives.
    Well then that makes perfect sense.

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