I'm almost finished with pulling supers off, some filled to the gills, some with only a frame or two of honey. I would say it's a below average year in East Tn from honey production. The TP was late but came on strong this year. Most of my honey is a strong percentage of Tulip Popular this year, it's been about ten years since I've had red-ish colored main flow honey. Don't know what happen with the basswood/sumac/clover honey that I normally get. The carni hives were very late on building up but the italians produced the most from late April through May but the carni's did good in June. All this rain this past week really slowed me down on the harvest.

Got some splits done today with some Pro-line VSH queens since it's the only sunny day that we have had in a two weeks. Now all I have to do is melt some cappings in a old crock pot and make some queen cell nucs next week. Time to go fishing.